Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why Isn't He Texting Me Back? Should I kick him?

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                           Let me tell a secret of mine.  I may hardly wait more than 2 hours for a text from my sweet heart. After that my heads start warming up. Is it with you also? Are you also having such questions in mind like "Why isn't he texting me back? and thinking of kicking on his back.  However, before you leave off in search of the lower portion of your dream boy for kicking you should see this video...........

Got the answers to your questions?  Want more.............

Here is the complete solution.......

I Want To Engaged And He Doesn't

 Yes, this is a common problem these days.  I have seen many girls saying,
"I want to get engaged and he doesn't",
"I want to get engaged and my boyfriend doesn't”,
"I want to get married but he's not ready". 
Many of them are even ready to give an ultimatum to get that sought after wedding ring.  However, I think this is not a right way as using an ultimatum without authentication may be like committing relationship suicide.  Let us see why a girl should avoid using an ultimatum.
 This is true that a woman waiting for more than a year or two to get engaged may be living a life of desperation and that desperation can even lead to threats or ultimatum.  However before throwing an engagement or marriage ultimate on your boyfriend you should see whether it is mandatory or not because such kind of pressure and "all or nothing" attitude may end your relationship for ever.
Yes, you may use such ultimatum if you are prepared to live without your boyfriend.  Because chances are there you may get negative response to your "now or never" threat and you may have to pack your bag and baggage forever.  If you are not in such a firm position then do not use such ultimatum as it will result in your losing all the credibility and weight in the relationship.
So, I will advise you to give an ultimatum only if you may hear the truth and may act according to his response.   Yes, there is much better way to get him to pop the question WITHOUT using threats and dangerous ultimatums."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why Men Pull Away

Finally...WHY MEN PULL AWAY...(and what you can do about it)


Desirachh here ...

Good to see you again!
I know you want answer of this very horrible question "Why Men Pull Away?".  Are you one of the millions of millions women want to know answer of this question?

If you're up to it...I've got something
I want to ask you?

And then let's have a little discussion...okay?

Here's my question?

Have you ever experienced a time when you
felt like your guy was "pulling a-w-a-y" from you...?

Many times, to make it more maddening and horrible, it seems
like it happens right after you two had a fantastic
time together and seemed to connect... am I right madam?

Which leaves you totally freaked out because you even don't know
what the heck happened?

Was it because?'ve moved too fast?...

...was it something you did?

...or is it just him?

My question...and I know it's a sensitive one is...

Have you ever felt like it was because he was losing interest in YOU?
If you have...May I share a bit of
wisdom with you?

I am here to make you feel better.

I learned this from, T Dub Jackson, a guy who's
helped save thousands of relationships and even near breaking families
across the globe.

IMPORTANT Little known WISDOM: Men RARELY pull away from you because
of loss of interest.

In fact...

He can be DEEPLY in love with you and
still pull away...or worse... leave the relationship all together!

How's that supposed to make you feel better?

Here's how...

Men pull away for 4 very distinct reasons...

T Dub calls these the 4 Masculine Hero Avatar Principles or
4 M.H.A.P. for short

==>Learn more about WHY MEN PULL AWAY and 4 M.H.A.P.

Feeling some easy.......
Once you understand WHY he pulls away, it's
much EASIER to see how you should react when
he does pull away.

But that's not even the best part...

The powerful part is BECAUSE now you know he's not pulling away
because he's less interested...

You'll avoid overcompensating, which means you avoid
him pulling away FURTHER.

Make sense?

T Dub has a talent for explaining this in
a fun way using what he calls his "Magic Traffic Signal"...

You'll get a kick out of his warm Southern accent too:-)

OH! If you dream of being married soon?

T Dub has started one of the biggest marriage movements
in history called:

The **Million Marriage Mission**

If you like what he has to say...He'd love to help
you put a ring on your finger and get married too!

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I'm curious how much closer your relationship will
be when you put what T Dub teaches you to use?


PS Not only will you learn WHY men pull away and
what you can do about it, but you'll also discover
"invisible man traps", his Masculine Hero Avatar and I got
a kick out of what T Dub calls "man repellent"...LOL!

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Yes, please do not forget say thanks to me after getting what you want and also share this post to your friends and near and dear ones.  Will you not give this little help by contributing to the very noble "Million Marriage Mission" 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How he decides if you're "THE ONE"??

Hi! How are ya?
 Desirachh here...

Today...If you'll allow me?

I'd like to introduce you to a colleague
who can save you a lifetime of frustration
and heartache.

You may be familiar with him?

His name is TW Jackson, but he prefers
T Dub.

T Dub has helped save thousands of relationships
in over 67 countries around the world.

How can he help you?

By showing you that men need MORE than
love...if they are ever to see you as "the one".

What more can he possibly need than love?

==>T DUB explains here (Being a matter of utmost importance, it will not be possible to explain all in this short blog post)

If he doesn't FEEL these certain things...EVEN IF
he loves you...a LOT...

He'll NEVER see himself with you for the
long term...

...Listen it's NOT your fault.

==>Here's what's going on with him

I don't know for sure?

But this is likely the most important
lesson about men I could EVER share with you.

I say that because I've known women who've hung
on to a man for years...knowing he "loved her"...but
devastated when he ends the relationship...

If she would've simply understood how he chooses
his lifetime partner better...everything could have
been very different...and YEARS saved...

==>Here's how he chooses

Would you mind grabbing a piece of paper
and taking notes?

I truly believe this is THAT important to your

PS Whether your in a relationship now or want
to be in one...this is how you make a man see you
as the "special woman" he wants to spend the
rest of his life with...

==>Watch This Now, You'll Be Happy You Did:-)

...LOVE is NOT enough. In fact, try too
hard to get him to "love" you and it will likely