Tuesday, November 27, 2012

How To Keep A Man Interested In A Relationship

Hi friends back again!
How are you? Today let us discuss a common problem, "How to keep a man interested in a relationship?".  Let me tell a true tale of my friends,  Jessica  and Phil....
Jessica and Phil - a sweet couple in their late twenties, have
only been dating for a couple of months. But Jessica has
already seen qualities in Phil that she admires, and she wants
to see this relationship continue to move forward.

So can you guess what the biggest question is on Jessica's
mind every day?

What about...

"How can I keep him interested?" or "How can I keep him happy?"

She probably thinks about it in the morning while she's getting
ready for work. She may think about during her commute, and
again on her way home.

I'm betting it's on her mind frequently throughout the day.

Can you imagine what her biggest fear is?

Maybe it's..."Is he losing interest?"

Do you think she might want to know the "signs he is losing
interest in you"? Or "relationship warning signs"? You'd better
believe it!
Yes, this is a common problem.  There are lot of women talking about the issue of keeping a man interested.  I bet that most women want to know how to do that, however some of them have not vocalized that loudly.


 I tried to find solution of this problem of most of the women and I may now advice them about knowing the traits of men of their dreams.  A woman should not think of using threats of deserting his Mr. Right, should not rely on ultimatums and should also not resort to pushiness.

Ultimate Solution:

Problems are different for different women depending upon the level of their relationships.  Want to know what you should actually do to keep a man interested in a relationship, then the ultimate solution is to follow the step in this beautiful guide named "Girl Gets Ring".

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For your happy lovely relationships...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Importance of List of Must-Haves Before Making Anyone Fall in Love With You

                Lot of women throughout the world are searching their other half. However, how many of them know exactly what they want? Are you one of these? Yes, then read the article carefully. In the article, I will tell you the importance of writing down "must-haves" before making anyone fall in love with you.
                You may be in search of "Mr. Right" for you. Do you know the traits he should have to be "Mr. Right" for you? Have you made any list of such traits you will be looking for in a man? If not, then what are you looking for? Stop beating about the bush before wrinkles start to grow on your beautiful face in wait of your "Mr. Right".
              It is of utmost importance to write down "must-haves" in a guy before making anyone fall in love with you or even you make an attempt to go out and find him. Many women are living distressed life as they are not able to find a "Mr. Perfectionist" for them. You should not be one of them. You should be very clear of your choice and should know the type of things that you are looking for in "Mr. Right". You may be able to do justice with your relationship if you nail down exactly what you are looking for in a man of your dreams.
         Believe me, it is not wastage of time to sit down for physically writing down the characteristics a man must have; before you start looking for your "Mr. Right". If you think so, you are wrong. Making such list in advance will save your time manifold.
If you have list of your "must-haves" handy, it will be very easy for you to decide whether a guy you are meeting, passes this list or not. If he doesn't own the traits you have listed down, you may easily pass-on him to the girl next door to you and may look for the other suitable guy. In this way, you will be able to save yourself from wasting lot of time and from the heartache you may have to bear in a failed or broken relationship with a wrong guy.
              What should you include in the list of "must-haves" in a man, before making anyone fall in love with you? It all depends on you, as every woman knows what actually she wants in a man of her dreams. However, you may include some important traits of the men like personality, physical structure, income and his nature etc.
You should also remember that it will not be easier for anybody to find a "total perfectionist". You may have to compromise somewhere on some characteristics of a man, you are looking for. So you should be well prepared for that and make your list of "must-haves" accordingly before making anyone fall in love with you.
           Need to know more? Here is your step to step guide How To "Find A Man" To Marry You.