Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Get Him To Forget His Ex

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Today I'm giving you an advice that is critically important for
anyone trying to convince their partner to change in some way. Are you trying to change your Mr. Right's mindset so that he may forget his ex? Then this post is for you please read........
No one in this world likes to feel as though they're being forced into doing
something against their will. You may be one of them. Are you?  So it's puzzling to me why so many dating courses advise women to use ultimatums as a method
for getting their guy to change. Do you think ultimatums work? No, I do not agree with you. Why?
Ultimatums just don't work!
There are better options and one of much better approaches loving guidance and teaching.
Men are more open to change when this method is used. Just
be sure you're not trying to change who he is as a person. That
rarely ends well.
It's one thing to want a behavior to change, it's something else 
entirely to want him to change what defines him as a unique

It can be difficult to "make" a man do something you want him to
do, like change a behavior, but he's usually receptive to being
"taught" how to do it.

Men will usually resist being forced into doing anything. This is
why ultimatums are such a poor choice if you're hoping to change
something about the relationship.

It's also important to know the difference between trying to change
a behavior you don't like, such as texting his ex-girlfriend during
dinner, and trying to change who he is, like making him give up
that girlfriend.

When a man is attracted to you to the point of entering into a
relationship,  he sincerely wants to please you. But it's unfair of
women to think that men automatically know what that means. It's up
to each woman to guide her man and teach him about the things that
make her happy and forget his ex girlfriend.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where To Get A Man To Love You

Welcome back again.  Let us today discuss a very important point for finding the right person to love. How many times have you heard women say "All the good men are taken"? Truth is, it's not that all the good men are taken, but more likely those women are looking for them in the wrong place.  Then what you should keep in your mind while looking for your "Mr. Right"?

In the past, a "singles bar" was often the first place that came to mind when you wanted to meet someone for a potential relationship. For some women, it's still a good choice, depending on their likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions and interests.

A woman is more likely to meet the man of her dreams if she has clearly defined what sort of man he is and the type of places he most often visits. In most cities today, there are many number of groups and venues
dedicated to specific groups and interests. Becoming involved with one of these groups opens up the possibility of meeting someone with similar interests.

If you want a man who is intellectual and refined, then most likely you are going to find him in an art gallery or charity dinner.  This type of person seldom goes at a biker bar.  Similarly, if your choice is an athletic type  man, then you should most often visit the sports clubs instead of wasting your time in libraries.

You should also ensure that you are approachable to the man whom you may make your Mr. Right.  If you will be found surrounded by the people or your friends, it will be very difficult for anybody to approach you.  Then how will you get a man to love you.

Let us recap.  It is very important for you to spend time in the same environment as the type of man you want to get.  Ideally, it should be a man who shares at least some of the same hobbies and passions.  Secondly you should be approachable. 

For more concrete and  useful tips to get a man to love you, here is a free video presentation.