Friday, October 4, 2013

Some Creative Ideas for Couples in a Long Distance Relationship

So you are in love and are miles away from your partner. I know you may be in contact with your partner with the help of communication means like phone, emails, instant messaging or SMSes. However sometimes you may be tired of these ordinary means and you may want to spice up your long distance relationship. Don't worry; here are some creative ideas for couples in a long distance relationship. Apply some now and you will thank me for such wonderful ideas.
Do you and your partner love watching movies and T.V. shows? You both may have enough time on the weekends. Call your partner and tell him/her to watch the same movie simultaneously with you. There may be many love scenes in the movie so don't forget to connect video call on webcam with your partner. Both of you may need your hankies with you; some time for cleaning the lipstick marks from the screen of your computer and some time for soaking the sweat from your face.
Both of you may also watch the late night soap on T.V. in your bedroom simultaneously. Keep your cell phone with unlimited 3G connectivity with you for video calling your partner during the hot love scenes on the screen of your T.V. Don't forget to fully charge the battery of your cell phone during the day time otherwise the same may mar your joy in between and you will be left with no option left but to sleep with your head in between your bent knees.
Sometime a situation may arise in the long distance relationship when you have nothing else to talk about. You may have run out of all the lovely words and may start arguing with each other on tiny things. This may be a very tough time in your relationship. In this situation I will suggest you to pick up a romantic novel and go through it. Also ask your partner to read the same novel and you will get many lovely instances in the novel to talk hours and hours.
Celebrating Valentine day, Rose day and Friendship day etc. are of vital importance in a long distance relationship also as these special days will spice up your relationship a lot. So do not forget to send gifts to your partner on these special days. There are many on line stores on the web those may deliver the bracelets, bouquet of rose or other gifts to your partner on the same day you confirm your order with them. To sweeten the memory of any of these special days you may include a beautiful pack of Chocolate having flavour of your partner's choice. If you are short of the budget then also you may make your partner to feel special by just sending an e-card available free on the web.
Even in this era of advanced technology, a webcam may be your best tool to spice up your long distance relationship. The Internet connectivity of sufficient bandwidth is now much affordable all over the world. Both of you will have to sign up for a free account with Google Hang Out or with Skype. Just connect with your partner and do whatever he or she wants in front of your webcam, I guarantee that the word "long distance" will no more be there in your long distance relationship.
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

How Can I Make Him Fall In Love With Me

"How Can I Make Him Fall In Love With Me?" is the single question daunting always in the minds of beautiful girls.  You may be one of them. Don't worry. I am here to help you with some great tips to find your love.

It may happen that you see someone who is handsome and charming and you may want to love him or make him to fall in love with you.  However you must remember that there is no way to make someone fall in love with you forcibly. Yes, with time effort and some good advice, you may be able to get all the amazing things that are only for you!
Here are some advice and tips on getting that special someone to have eyes only for you:
  1. Men want best:
             Yes, this is true. A man may like any girl for a short time pass, however for his permanent and true love he will always want the best.  You must always try to be best you can and I am sure you will also get the best you want.

      2.  Good care of body:

              Do you love yourself?  Do you love your body?  If you yourself will not love your body then who else will?  The world is a show business and we are also part of this world. If you have a sound and healthy body and a good looking face on it, no matters, anyone may ignore you.  You may make yourself a good looking girl just by some exercise, proper diet, proper hygiene and good looking clean clothes.

     3.  Show yourself and get noticed:

             No matter how beautiful and intelligent you are.  If you will keep yourself closed in your home, hardly somebody will come to be your prince charming.  Go out, do good things that you can do.  Show your intelligence to the world.  Take part in online and offline activities.  Meet new people, try to make some good friends.

    4.  Search for someone that's right for you:

            The most important step before trying to make someone fall in love with you is to find the right candidate for you. Your choice must be the man who is ready for a serious relationship and should be able to cope with the emotional stress of being with another person and need to be compatible with you.

           I know this advice alone may not be sufficient for you, however to get your prince charming and make him fall in love with you, you must  go through some more useful dating tips....
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Problems In A Long Distance Relationship

Hi friends...
How YOU doin'? For what purpose you use Internet most of the time?  Are you in a long distance relationship or are you looking for long distance relationship?  There are many situations in our life when we prefer the long distance relationship over the relationship with next door guy or gal.  However there are some problems in a long distance relationship that you may have to face.  Let us discuss some of them here.
Starting a relationship long distance:
We may see lot of people of both genders glued to their laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones and simple mobile phones even on common places like Railway Stations, College canteens, Airports, Bus Stops and also in the offices.  I bet, most of them are in long distance relationships and may be found engaged with their long distance partners. Do you agree with me?
This means technology has made it very easy to establish a long distance relationship.  There are no boundaries left for the lovers these days.  The problem is just to find a right partner.
Do long distance relationship works:
May you guarantee that a traditional relationship will work? Nobody may guarantee that. This depends upon the love and mutual trust between both the partners.  Sometime long distance relationship works better than the traditional relationship.  I have seen many broken families those were engaged locally after the love at first sight. On the other hand, you  may have heard about the lovers who flew millions of miles only for long distance relationship.  Some days ago, I saw a news about a young lady in Japan who flew to Ujjain in India to marry a Rickshaw Puller. Shouldn't we take advice for a long distance relationship from them?

.Ways to make long distance relationship work:

Once you are in the long distance relationship, you may need some advice about the ways to keep the interest alive, about the date ideas, about the ways to spice up your relationship, about the gifts you may give to your partners and also about the games you can play with your partner while in the long distance relationship.  It will not be possible for me to include all the advice here and we will discuss this all in our next posts.  However there is a great resource i.e. Girl Gets Ring video that addresses all the long distance relationship problems.  You may check this to be master of online dating now.

Hoping for the success of your long distance relationship......

How To Find A Husband In 30 Days?

Hey-Hey-Hey (girl)friends!

May I call you so.....

Welcome back!

Do you know, why I am here today? I want  to help you to answer a very important question, " How to find a husband in 30 days?"  I was reading a blog post and came across a very intimidating fact.  The fact is that in U.S. only approximately 5.9 million women are leaving alone without husband. Is it not a serious matter?

 Millions of millions women all around are forced to live a lonely life.  Most of them are serious about what they are looking for.  They do not want to find a man, but more specifically they want to find a husband. Many of these women try to find answers to their questions by searching on google.....

"find a husband after 35" (also after 30, 40 and 50!)
"3 ways to find a husband"
"find a husband Chicago" (also Dallas, Denver, Canada, London, are
you seeing a pattern here?)
"find a husband in a year"
"how to find a husband in 30 days"
"find a husband in college"

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Hope a successful love story from you in the comments after you see the presentation and want to thank me for this advice.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

How To Get Him To Forget His Ex

Hi friends,
(Do you think I am able to be your friend?)......ha ha ha...
Today I'm giving you an advice that is critically important for
anyone trying to convince their partner to change in some way. Are you trying to change your Mr. Right's mindset so that he may forget his ex? Then this post is for you please read........
No one in this world likes to feel as though they're being forced into doing
something against their will. You may be one of them. Are you?  So it's puzzling to me why so many dating courses advise women to use ultimatums as a method
for getting their guy to change. Do you think ultimatums work? No, I do not agree with you. Why?
Ultimatums just don't work!
There are better options and one of much better approaches loving guidance and teaching.
Men are more open to change when this method is used. Just
be sure you're not trying to change who he is as a person. That
rarely ends well.
It's one thing to want a behavior to change, it's something else 
entirely to want him to change what defines him as a unique

It can be difficult to "make" a man do something you want him to
do, like change a behavior, but he's usually receptive to being
"taught" how to do it.

Men will usually resist being forced into doing anything. This is
why ultimatums are such a poor choice if you're hoping to change
something about the relationship.

It's also important to know the difference between trying to change
a behavior you don't like, such as texting his ex-girlfriend during
dinner, and trying to change who he is, like making him give up
that girlfriend.

When a man is attracted to you to the point of entering into a
relationship,  he sincerely wants to please you. But it's unfair of
women to think that men automatically know what that means. It's up
to each woman to guide her man and teach him about the things that
make her happy and forget his ex girlfriend.
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Where To Get A Man To Love You

Welcome back again.  Let us today discuss a very important point for finding the right person to love. How many times have you heard women say "All the good men are taken"? Truth is, it's not that all the good men are taken, but more likely those women are looking for them in the wrong place.  Then what you should keep in your mind while looking for your "Mr. Right"?

In the past, a "singles bar" was often the first place that came to mind when you wanted to meet someone for a potential relationship. For some women, it's still a good choice, depending on their likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions and interests.

A woman is more likely to meet the man of her dreams if she has clearly defined what sort of man he is and the type of places he most often visits. In most cities today, there are many number of groups and venues
dedicated to specific groups and interests. Becoming involved with one of these groups opens up the possibility of meeting someone with similar interests.

If you want a man who is intellectual and refined, then most likely you are going to find him in an art gallery or charity dinner.  This type of person seldom goes at a biker bar.  Similarly, if your choice is an athletic type  man, then you should most often visit the sports clubs instead of wasting your time in libraries.

You should also ensure that you are approachable to the man whom you may make your Mr. Right.  If you will be found surrounded by the people or your friends, it will be very difficult for anybody to approach you.  Then how will you get a man to love you.

Let us recap.  It is very important for you to spend time in the same environment as the type of man you want to get.  Ideally, it should be a man who shares at least some of the same hobbies and passions.  Secondly you should be approachable. 

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