Saturday, February 23, 2013

Problems In A Long Distance Relationship

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How YOU doin'? For what purpose you use Internet most of the time?  Are you in a long distance relationship or are you looking for long distance relationship?  There are many situations in our life when we prefer the long distance relationship over the relationship with next door guy or gal.  However there are some problems in a long distance relationship that you may have to face.  Let us discuss some of them here.
Starting a relationship long distance:
We may see lot of people of both genders glued to their laptops, tablet PCs, smartphones and simple mobile phones even on common places like Railway Stations, College canteens, Airports, Bus Stops and also in the offices.  I bet, most of them are in long distance relationships and may be found engaged with their long distance partners. Do you agree with me?
This means technology has made it very easy to establish a long distance relationship.  There are no boundaries left for the lovers these days.  The problem is just to find a right partner.
Do long distance relationship works:
May you guarantee that a traditional relationship will work? Nobody may guarantee that. This depends upon the love and mutual trust between both the partners.  Sometime long distance relationship works better than the traditional relationship.  I have seen many broken families those were engaged locally after the love at first sight. On the other hand, you  may have heard about the lovers who flew millions of miles only for long distance relationship.  Some days ago, I saw a news about a young lady in Japan who flew to Ujjain in India to marry a Rickshaw Puller. Shouldn't we take advice for a long distance relationship from them?

.Ways to make long distance relationship work:

Once you are in the long distance relationship, you may need some advice about the ways to keep the interest alive, about the date ideas, about the ways to spice up your relationship, about the gifts you may give to your partners and also about the games you can play with your partner while in the long distance relationship.  It will not be possible for me to include all the advice here and we will discuss this all in our next posts.  However there is a great resource i.e. Girl Gets Ring video that addresses all the long distance relationship problems.  You may check this to be master of online dating now.

Hoping for the success of your long distance relationship......

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